Week #03 – Hiking in Pontaury

52 rolls

My wife and I do like going out hiking in the countryside as soon as there’s nice weather on a Sunday.  The bad news is that it often rains on Sundays over here.  The good news is we have opportunities every week to discover some new places to walk, thanks to a local government organisation taking care of trying to get  couch potato people like us a little bit more fit by organizing weekly hikes all around the country.  These also provide good landscape photo opportunities so I’m always fond of bringing a camera with me on such outings.  This is probably not the last roll for me on similar subjects.

So last Sunday, the weather was really nice and we settled our choice on the small village of Pontaury, where we’d never walked before.  I brought a Chinon camera with me like last week, but this time an older CE…

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Week #02 – A Friend’s Birthday Walk

52 rolls

Starting on Sunday morning, I first had to bulk load some ammunition for the weeks to follow.  I’m currently finishing to shoot a Kodak Tmax 400 30m (100ft) bulk roll.  This one is pretty expired and still works but the contrast could be better sometimes.  Anyway it’s not too bad so lets roll it.  I’ve shot with this film during week 2, using a Chinon CM-4 SLR camera and its Chinon 50mm f/1.9 MC standard lens.

Tomorrow, Jan 6, is Epiphany day for christians.  Probably the best religious tradition to keep as we’re having a special kind of cake and we designate a king or queen.  We cheated this year and ate the cake already on Sunday.  Anyways, this is going to be my King of the Films for this year.  I’ll shoot a lot of this stuff for sure.  Not for this post though.

In the afternoon, we were…

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Week #01 – after-Sylvester

52 rolls

Like most of us I guess, I wasn’t working on Jan 1st and wasn’t in a mood to start shooting my first roll for this project.  So I decided to do that on Jan 2 instead.  I had rolled a bit of Kodak Tmax 400 in a canister, or more exactly a Rapid cassette.  Because I wanted to shoot this roll with a simple but very compact camera : the (Ricoh) PMC Automatic Rapid.  This takes the Agfa Rapid cassettes but other than that it is pretty similar to an Olympus Pen EE.  Fixed focus lens, automatic aperture with battery-less selenium meter.  Unfortunately the Rapid cassette system determines the ISO setting for the camera (like the DX coding does for 135).  And I have no cassette that matches the 400 ISO I needed, plus I’m not sure how the meter works on my old PMC camera.  So I shot the…

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52 rolls

Hello everyone.

Camera Portrait

This is Luc.  I’ve been shooting film since a long time but I’m not going into all the details of that in this short presentation.  I had lost interest though, with the advent of crappy digital cameras about 15 or 10 years ago.  And film was so outdated and outfashioned back then that I had almost stopped shooting entirely.  Now I’m back since about 5 years, and shoot more film than I ever did before, go figure?

I like to take it easy sometime and so I do some digital too, now that the technology has evolved into better and somewhat affordable cameras, but still I like using the “old” film cameras so much more.  My first camera is broken now (RIP), but that’s not an issue as there are so many other ones around that are available for cheap.  So I developed a case of G.A.S. that…

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