Week #01 – after-Sylvester

52 rolls

Like most of us I guess, I wasn’t working on Jan 1st and wasn’t in a mood to start shooting my first roll for this project.  So I decided to do that on Jan 2 instead.  I had rolled a bit of Kodak Tmax 400 in a canister, or more exactly a Rapid cassette.  Because I wanted to shoot this roll with a simple but very compact camera : the (Ricoh) PMC Automatic Rapid.  This takes the Agfa Rapid cassettes but other than that it is pretty similar to an Olympus Pen EE.  Fixed focus lens, automatic aperture with battery-less selenium meter.  Unfortunately the Rapid cassette system determines the ISO setting for the camera (like the DX coding does for 135).  And I have no cassette that matches the 400 ISO I needed, plus I’m not sure how the meter works on my old PMC camera.  So I shot the…

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