Week #02 – A Friend’s Birthday Walk

52 rolls

Starting on Sunday morning, I first had to bulk load some ammunition for the weeks to follow.  I’m currently finishing to shoot a Kodak Tmax 400 30m (100ft) bulk roll.  This one is pretty expired and still works but the contrast could be better sometimes.  Anyway it’s not too bad so lets roll it.  I’ve shot with this film during week 2, using a Chinon CM-4 SLR camera and its Chinon 50mm f/1.9 MC standard lens.

Tomorrow, Jan 6, is Epiphany day for christians.  Probably the best religious tradition to keep as we’re having a special kind of cake and we designate a king or queen.  We cheated this year and ate the cake already on Sunday.  Anyways, this is going to be my King of the Films for this year.  I’ll shoot a lot of this stuff for sure.  Not for this post though.

In the afternoon, we were…

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