Week #09 : Three Train Stations

52 rolls

A couple years ago I found a cardboard box full of film on offer at a flea market.  It is color negative film, 24 exposures, 400 ISO and expired since… 2002.  A cheap rebranded film (I don’t know who made it, the brand is France-Loisirs).  I bought the full box for a fairly cheap price and got myself more than 60 rolls after I did the inventory.  I didn’t expect nice results but this film actually still worked fine for me, when I exposed it at 200.  Until last week, when I used it in a point & shoot camera but could not adjust the ISO setting (the camera uses the DX code) and got pretty bad results.  So this week I went the opposite side and as an experiment, I brutally overexposed one roll of this film in my Trip 35, setting the meter to… 25.  At least I…

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Week #08 : Tourist at my Own Place

52 rolls

You’ve seen many photos of Brussels, Belgium in my previous posts… that’s the place I work.  But I live outside of the city, in a village called Villers-la-Ville.  This place has the remaining ruins of an old abbey and these can be visited for a small fee.  Most of the old buildings are ruined, almost no roof remains so it’s mostly only walls but the place has character and a long history.  So this week I’ll take you to a tour over there.  The weather had been rather cloudy if not rainy for the last weeks, but on that day the Sun showed up and the sky was blue.  I had an hour to spare so I headed up to the abbey with the Olympus XA3 and a roll of Polypan F.  Here are some of the results… I tried to play with the theme of the Sun coming back contrasting with…

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Week #07 : A Walk across the Park

52 rolls

Week 7 Week #07

This week was pretty rainy.  I did manage to get out a couple of times, but not taking very many photos until today.  Both my cameras and myself agree on one point: we dislike rain.  Wind is OK, snow we can manage.  Cold isn’t a problem, neither is hot weather as we don’t get any over here anyway.  But rain, sorry…

So no rain today: off we go.  I had my small Olympus XA3 and a roll of Polypan F with me.  This is slow film but not too bad in such a quiet camera as the XA3 with its sweet shutter release.  I headed out of Brussels Central (train) station and first got a picture of this decorated café window. Kind of picture in a picture, with some painted people enjoying their drink on the window and some real ones doing the same behind it.

Good Moments Good Moments

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Week #06 : Amsterdam, revisited

52 rolls

Week #6 Week #6

OK so last week was week 5 right?  Ending Saturday… so Sunday week 6 right?  Still in Amsterdam, oh well then we’ll just continue with another roll and another camera, but same theme OK?  The picture above is there because of the week number, but is an overflow frame from week 5, when I was shooting with a Nikon AF600 (Lite Touch), a very small (and I mean VERY small and compact) 35mm AF camera.  Perfect for the travel.  So this week I shot with the Olympus XA2, a small (VERY small) 35mm zone focus camera.  Why?  Well this is a family week-end, remember?  I didn’t like the idea of bringing SLRs and a tripod and loads of lenses, then take too much time to set it all up when I wanted a picture.  So family = small cameras, fast shooting, no stress.

The weather was much nicer…

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