Week #06 : Amsterdam, revisited

52 rolls

Week #6 Week #6

OK so last week was week 5 right?  Ending Saturday… so Sunday week 6 right?  Still in Amsterdam, oh well then we’ll just continue with another roll and another camera, but same theme OK?  The picture above is there because of the week number, but is an overflow frame from week 5, when I was shooting with a Nikon AF600 (Lite Touch), a very small (and I mean VERY small and compact) 35mm AF camera.  Perfect for the travel.  So this week I shot with the Olympus XA2, a small (VERY small) 35mm zone focus camera.  Why?  Well this is a family week-end, remember?  I didn’t like the idea of bringing SLRs and a tripod and loads of lenses, then take too much time to set it all up when I wanted a picture.  So family = small cameras, fast shooting, no stress.

The weather was much nicer…

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