Week #09 : Three Train Stations

52 rolls

A couple years ago I found a cardboard box full of film on offer at a flea market.  It is color negative film, 24 exposures, 400 ISO and expired since… 2002.  A cheap rebranded film (I don’t know who made it, the brand is France-Loisirs).  I bought the full box for a fairly cheap price and got myself more than 60 rolls after I did the inventory.  I didn’t expect nice results but this film actually still worked fine for me, when I exposed it at 200.  Until last week, when I used it in a point & shoot camera but could not adjust the ISO setting (the camera uses the DX code) and got pretty bad results.  So this week I went the opposite side and as an experiment, I brutally overexposed one roll of this film in my Trip 35, setting the meter to… 25.  At least I…

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