Week #14: Vlissingen Beach

52 rolls

Nice weather, and the family was keen about a daytrip to the seaside… so off we go.  Leaving early, the weather wasn’t so nice during the drive but it all cleared up as we arrived.  So we walked, looked at the sea, birds, other walkers… there was nobody in the water yet, probably a little too soon in early April.  But overall a very nice day.  I shot several rolls there and here is a small selection.

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Week #13 : Another Canal at Lunchtime

52 rolls

This week — in the first days of Spring — the weather was really nice and I decided to ride a bike during my lunchtime break, to shoot some post-industrial landscapes alongside the canal traversing Brussels North to South (and back — for me on my bike — not that the canal really comes back from anywhere).

So I went out of the office and rented a Villo bike.  Heavy and solid bikes, but as the canal is rather horizontal I wasn’t expecting this to be too much of a challenge.

Simon Bolivar Square -- Villo Station Simon Bolivar Square — Villo Station

I quickly joined the canal at a tramway stop.  Looking back North here but I was going south actually.  To stay on the safe side I stopped biking whenever I took a picture.

Porte de Flandre -- Tramway Stop Porte de Flandre — Tramway Stop

I took a bridge to cross the canal and continue on the West Side…

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Week #12: A Sloped Canal

52 rolls

Ronquières… that’s the place I went this week.  It was a sunny Sunday so I could use some Polypan F and set the meter on the Canon A-1 to ISO 50.  I brought just a Canon 35mm lens with me and shot the whole roll with that combo.


There’s a canal going through that village.  It used to be quite different some decades ago.  A little canal linking Brussels and Charleroi, two industrials cities with a need for boat transportation of heavy stuff (metal and coal industries were driving the economy way back then).  But that little canal had to go through quite a number of small locks to go uphill then downhill between these two cities.  That made the already slow boat transportation even slower.

Then the engineers among our parents (or grandparents) had the idea to redesign the whole thing in a very different way.  The new canal…

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Week #11: A Sunny Walk and a Second One Nearby

52 rolls

This week, Sunday was a pretty nice day.  Sunny, blue sky and we’re not used to that very much in this place especially in March.  So I went out in the morning for a short walk in our village.

Then later in the afternoon we go out again on another walk starting from a nearby village and exploring the countryside around.

I was shooting Polypan F at ISO 50 in my Canon T60, which I love for being light and easy to carry on a 10km walk like this.  I’ve shot with an AV-1 for years, and I still do sometimes, but it’s a little bit heavier, takes another kind of battery, doesn’t have manual mode… so as far as I go shooting in Av mode through any Canon FD glass, I now prefer the T60.  The lens was the FD 50mm f/1.4 S.S.C.  With all that Sun light though…

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Week #10 : Walcheren

52 rolls

So during week 10, I took a couple days off and one of those days we went to the seaside.  Walcheren used to be an island in Zeeland, the Netherlands.  Now it’s easily accessible by car though.  We visited the “old” city of Middelburg.  I’m using quotes here because I was told that the main monuments of the city got burnt down to the ground during WWII and what I saw of them has been reconstructed after.  Anyways its a nice city.  We went there on market day and that market alone was worth a stop.

Then in the afternoon we took the car again and drove to Domburg, at the seaside.  We walked from there along the coast and ended up in a pub where both beer and tea were available to satisfy the various needs of my wife and myself.  The weather was with us, nice blue sky…

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