Week#17: Back to the Basics

52 rolls

What constitutes the basic all-round equipment for a film photographer?  Well it depends but for me, a sturdy mechanical 35mm SLR kit and the trinity of lenses (a 35mm wide, a fast 55mm and a 135mm tele), plus a strobe for the occasional family shot inside, and a couple rolls of black&white film.  That was the basic kit in an enthusiast hobbyist camera bag when I started doing this way back then.  So that’s also what I was using this week.  And I enjoyed it all the same thank you.

. .

Series 2 Series 2

Series 1 Series 1

The Path to White The Path to White

The Path to Black The Path to Black

26 26

Round Round

Chôkes Chôkes

Holes Holes

. .

. .

I shot this roll on Polypan F in a Chinon CM-3 camera.  I used a 35mm f/2.8 Chinon, 55mm f/1.7 Chinon, and 135mm f/2.8 Sankor lenses.  I developed this in semi-stand fashion in R09 1+100 for about 80 minutes.

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Week #16 : two old friends I had forgotten

52 rolls

I don’t want to make this weekly post a matter of discussing photo gear but here’s a story about the camera I used this week.

I usually won’t admit it, but I’m a collector.  I buy stuff I don’t need, or I don’t hesitate to buy a lot if it’s cheap enough and there’s maybe one or two things in there that raise my interest.  So that’s how I came to get two pieces of equipment that I immediately put away afterwards. One is a Pentax ME camera body.  It came with a 135mm lens that I was interested in, that’s why.  The camera had a ding on top of the prism and that wasn’t looking too good so I put that away, along with the 50mm Ricoh (Rikenon) f/1.7 lens.  I put the 135mm in my bag and started using it, but I left the poor ME and Rikenon…

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Week #15: a lunchtime through downtown Brussels

52 rolls

Going out to the city center, I’ll try to show a few landmarks in this post.  No, not all of them but just a few from a small walk through downtown Brussels.  The Grand Place, Monnaie, Manneken Pis… stuff like that are probably seen by most people coming to visit the city.  So for those and for others, that’s the theme for my week 15 post.

It was just before Easter, and looking at these eggs on the front of a café, I could date the picture.

Eggs Eggs

There was some animation going on at the Place de la Monnaie, but I preferred to look up at the shape of the buildings playing geometric games with the nice blue sky.

Place de la Monnaie Place de la Monnaie

On that same square, here’s the Royal Theatre (actually the Opera).

Théatre Royal de la Monnaie Théatre Royal de la Monnaie

Hey, again some of the same eggs on…

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