Week #16 : two old friends I had forgotten

52 rolls

I don’t want to make this weekly post a matter of discussing photo gear but here’s a story about the camera I used this week.

I usually won’t admit it, but I’m a collector.  I buy stuff I don’t need, or I don’t hesitate to buy a lot if it’s cheap enough and there’s maybe one or two things in there that raise my interest.  So that’s how I came to get two pieces of equipment that I immediately put away afterwards. One is a Pentax ME camera body.  It came with a 135mm lens that I was interested in, that’s why.  The camera had a ding on top of the prism and that wasn’t looking too good so I put that away, along with the 50mm Ricoh (Rikenon) f/1.7 lens.  I put the 135mm in my bag and started using it, but I left the poor ME and Rikenon…

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