Week #18: Some Bad Pictures with a Dreamy Look

52 rolls

This week I used a new (to me) camera.  I just found it at some fleamarket and wanted to test it.  It has a good reputation for producing very sharp and contrasty pictures thanks to a good lens.  You’ll see in a minute that it didn’t quite work for me.  Clearly there’s some problem with the camera, both the AF and autoexposure systems went badly wrong.  I did shoot some other rolls during the same week, and  I could show them here. But why not go for the dreamy blurry look that this little guy gave me?  So here it goes…

I shot this roll over two lunch breaks, in a Pentax PC 35 AF camera (Broken, no power appears to reach the electronics so all are blurry and way overexposed), on a roll of Polypan F.  I did develop it in R09 1+100 for about 80′ at 20C with…

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