Week #20: Reading Messages

52 rolls

Walking in the streets of Brussels again this week.   This is week number 20 for me.

20 20

Several times I bumped  across different kinds of messages. Some were obvious, others I had to try harder to interpret, right or wrong?  This wall and door were covered with stickers with pictures (portraits) or people, each holding a sign with a message related to (lack of) different kinds of freedom.

Liberty Liberty

This word (Solidarity) was on a sign hanging on the building of a worker union.

Solidarity Solidarity

This one is in favor of keeping a little bit of a public garden soon to be replaced by a new building.

Green Green

Under the cobblestones on this square, a “time capsule” has been buried for the future generations, with another kind of message (a poem — and also a sound recording of it).

Buried Message Buried Message

I didn’t get this message though…

Angry Mouse? Angry Mouse?

And this…

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