Dis/closure. Our Photo Exhibion starting soon…


If you’re in Brussels sometime over the next month… I participate to a group expo together with 5 other fellow photographers.

More info at http://disclosure.photoresk.com/


Week #21 : Spring was here…

52 rolls

Yes it’s the end of the summer almost when I post this.  But a few months back I took out a film camera with some colour negative roll in it in order to shoot a few flowers again.  The spring has been nice over here (unlike this month) so it was blooming everywhere around our village.

During the Spring season, some people (my wife included) tend to clean things up around the house and that’s how the roll that I used suddenly resurfaced.  It was buried in our home office since a long time.  On the box the expiry date was either 01/2005 or 05/2001 depending on how you read the code.  This was the kind of “free” film that a lab over here used to offer with each developed envelope of whatever previous film you had given them to be processed.

Enjoy it if you like, skip this post…

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