Week#27 (2014): Holidays!

52 rolls

In early July last year the whole Spotmatix family (and one extra boyfriend) took a plane and went on holiday for a week in Lisbon, Portugal.  Here’s (one of the many) rolls that I shot during that holiday trip.  I was using my Olympus XA3 again. Light and small… I was using it every other day, alternating with my Pentax P30n (which, for an SLR, is also quite light and small).  A strategic decision for me when going on a family holiday (as opposed to a photo-only workshop or something).  I remember sweating a lot some years ago when we went to Spain and I had taken some of my heaviest SLR with almost every lens that could fit on it.  Never do that… again.

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Roll 26 (2014) — A tourist in my own country

52 rolls

So we were happy to get the visit of a couple friends from Michigan last year as I was shooting this roll in my Olympus XA3.  We did in two days some of the typical sightseeing (I guess) that many tourists do when visiting Belgium : the medieval city of Bruges, the Waterloo battle site, and (because we live nearby) the ruins of the old XIIIth century abbey in Villers-la-Ville.

So here are a few non-family shots from that roll.  Bruges was a sunny day and I took a reflected self-portrait in a window.  I was holding my little XA3 the way Vivian Maier did her Rolleiflex.  But no other street photography genre pictures in this post.  And no I’m not comparing myself to her (or only in my dreams).

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Roll 25 (2014) – Again, a new camera…

52 rolls

Long time no see… I have more than one year of backlog now.  Am I still allowed to post these 2014 rolls?  I’ll assume yes, if only for trying to complete the project and see for myself if I could keep up.  I certainly did shoot 52 rolls but I have a hell of a lot of delay in my develop-scan-edit workflow as you can see…

I was shooting in Brussels that week.  Street photos, a few snapshots.  I was excited to try a new (to me) SLR, the Yashica TL Electro X ITS.  Big boy camera (heavy and bulky) but one thing is certain: it still works fine.

I’ll post my favorites from this roll in this blog entry, the other keepers will also be on my recently re-badged Flickr PRO photostream 🙂

All were shot with a Pentacon 50mm f/1.8, on Polypan F as usual, developed in R09…

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