Roll 25 (2014) – Again, a new camera…

52 rolls

Long time no see… I have more than one year of backlog now.  Am I still allowed to post these 2014 rolls?  I’ll assume yes, if only for trying to complete the project and see for myself if I could keep up.  I certainly did shoot 52 rolls but I have a hell of a lot of delay in my develop-scan-edit workflow as you can see…

I was shooting in Brussels that week.  Street photos, a few snapshots.  I was excited to try a new (to me) SLR, the Yashica TL Electro X ITS.  Big boy camera (heavy and bulky) but one thing is certain: it still works fine.

I’ll post my favorites from this roll in this blog entry, the other keepers will also be on my recently re-badged Flickr PRO photostream 🙂

All were shot with a Pentacon 50mm f/1.8, on Polypan F as usual, developed in R09…

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