Week #31 (2014) – Rangefinding

52 rolls

I love rangefinders.  Small but capable cameras, manual focus with some help from the viewfinder.  The best ones have large and clear viewfinders that show a little bit “outside” of the frame.  So when I found this Olympus XA on a fleamarket I couldn’t resist.

However it has since then developed a problem (the shutter sticks every first shot in a series).  It works fine for the second and subsequent shots but the first one always result in a long exposure… not really useful then.

Anyway here are a few pictures that I could rescue from that roll.

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Lost a blog post

Lost a post today trying to use phone client.  A bit pissed off… Especially because it’s probably MY fault


Week #29 (2014) – back to work

52 rolls

After the Lisbon break, back to work and back to another roll of film on that week.  I’m editing these photos about one year after develop and scan, so I’m not exactly sure what happened here but they’re full of white spots.  I think my fixer got bad and I didn’t care about filtering or changing it — so I got punished for that.

All of these taken in urban areas (Brussels and Nivelles), on Polypan F as usual and still with the XA3.  But the sunshine of Lisbon is replaced by a softer light and a sometimes pretty cloudy sky…

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Week #30 (2014) – Memories from last Summer

52 rolls

Not last summer actually, but summer last year.  I’m slowly progressing in my film workflow but the lag is now huge.

Here’s a selection from my roll of week 30 (July) last year.  One shot at a friend’s pool and a few from a day trip to the coast.

Shot on one of my XA3’s on Polypan F and developed in good Rodinal and bad fixer (hence the white spots all over the place).

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